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The Central European Research Centre Ltd was established in 2010. The company is 100% Hungarian-owned and the activities include research and development, science communication and project creation. Our goal is to help our partners achieving successful project development through our professional and technological competencies, our extensive national and international networks and our experience in the field of innovation.


K W Special Projects is a limited company based in Northamptonshire. We operate within the high performance engineering sector – designing, manufacturing and supplying complete solutions. Guided by the principles of motorsport, the need for speed, efficiency and precision through the use of technology, materials and processes, KWSP takes a disruptive approach to a clients’ creative ideas – facilitating the transfer of knowledge from one sector to another. We have engineered machines capable of industrial decoration through to machines designed to deposit delicate patterns onto fragile substrates with functional fluids.


Alchemie is a developer and supplier of digital technologies for the application of materials science. Our unique digital technology enables a range of; coatings, adhesives, pre and post treatments to be digitally applied at high speeds and coating thicknesses. Our contract development team supports customers with developing industrial print solutions based on available printheads and unique chemistries.


Co&Co deals with brand and design communication. They patented this word, which means the creative process is integrated into the development of the designed object. It is a philosophy, which ties the design, the economic drive and the strategic communication together.


The aim of the foundation is to support visually impaired people to receive modern computer systems that are equipped with the necessary auxiliary software to assure the successful participation of visually impaired people in education and training. The foundation provides accessibility of the latest information technology results to increase the number of suitable job opportunities for visually impaired persons.